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University Clinical Hospital in Opole (USK in Opole) is a healthcare entity run as an independent public healthcare facility. The hospital complex is situated at 26 Avenue W. Witosa in Opole.

Mission of the Hospital is: Our vocation is to treat, educate and conduct research.

Vision of the Hospital is: Through knowledge to patient’s health.

The University of Opole is a creating and supervising entity for the Hospital - since June 2017. The initiating and consultative body of University of Opole and the advisory body to the General Director of the University Clinical Hospital in Opole is Social Council USK in Opole, appointed by the rector of University of Opole.

The aim of University Clinical Hospital in Opole is:

  • providing health services,
  • health promotion,
  • implementation of didactic and research targets.


We are a multi-speciality hospital, operating 24-hours a day. We run the only trauma center in the Opolskie Voivodeship as well as the Regional Center ECMO.

The Hospital operates in most of the medical specialities available in the field of medical services, which is why we provide our patients with a broad spectrum of treatment on the basis of an agreement with the National Health Fund (NFZ).

We fulfill this agreement throughout:

  • stationary treatment (hospital wards),
  • specialist ambulatory consultations and healthcare services (outpatient clinic),
  • diagnostics procedures,
  • medical rehabilitation.

Annually, over 200 000 patients use our medical services (216 000 patients in 2022). Vast majority requires the outpatient special treatment (approximately 126 000 in 2002), Hospital Emergency Department care (over 50 000 patients in 2022) or admitting for overnight care - hospital wards.

As a clinical hospital we lead a variety of different scientific projects as well as research and development studies in broad medical field. We closely cooperate with Medical Faculty and Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Opole.

We participate in education and development of:

  • medical faculties students (University of Opole and other academies),
  • students of other medical professions ( i.e. Opole University of Technology, University of Applied Sciences in Nysa),
  • health professionals and workers,
  • students and pupils of other faculties.

The Hospital cooperates with national and international entities and organizations, promoting healthcare. As an example, our Centre for Pediatric Diabetology in Opole belongs to international scientific society and takes part in research about diabetes in children, adolescents and young adults (ISPAD and SWEET network). Our Center of Allergology belongs to the international network GA²LEN Urticaria Center of Reference and Excellence (UCARE) . 

Healthcare promotion is implemented not only through projects and preventive actions but also through partnerships with local governments such as Marshal’s Office of Opolskie Voivodeship, Opole City Council, National Health Fund (NFZ) for Opole Region and non-governmental organizations as Dr Clown Foundation.

The structure of the University Clinical Hospital in Opole consists of:

  • specialist outpatient clinics,
  • acute medical units and medical treatment wards,
  • diagnostic facilities and laboratories,
  • night and holiday healthcare unit.

The newest unit of the University Clinical Hospital is the Science and Research Centre which includes:

  • University Clinical Research Support Centre operating within the governmental network of The Medical Research Agency,
  • Centre for Research and Innovation in Civilzation Diseases: Cardiovascular and Spinal.

The Hospital is a member of:

  • Polish Union of Clinical Hospitals,
  • Polish Federation of Hospitals,
  • Opole Chamber of Commerce.

Recently the University Clinical Hospital in Opole opened a basic healthcare walk-in clinic for children and adults. It is run by the Opole city entity called SP ZOZ ‘Centrum’. As a result we can provide a wide spectrum of medical services and healthcare in one place.


Important dates in the Hospital history:


Construction of the hospital began in 1980. In June 1991, by the order of the Voivode of Opole, a new building was established at Avenue W.Witosa and named Provincial Hospital.

On August 1, 1997 – in accordance with the decision of the Voivode of Opole – the hospital was transformed into the Regional Medical Centre, which operated until December 21, 1998 and included: Hospital No. 1 at Katowicka Street (with a complex of outpatient clinics at Mickiewicza and Ozimska Street), Hospital No. 3 at Avenue W. Witosa (former Provincial Hospital), Hospital No. 3 (Oncology) and Provincial Ambulance Station, Rehabilitation Department in Tułowice.

In 1998, the Voivodship Medical Centre obtained a new legal status and became an independent public healthcare facility.

For 20 years of its duty, until 2017, the Voivodeship Medical Centre was reorganized several times. Mainly by merging with other municipal hospitals but also by excluding separate medical centres.

According to the agreement established on June 9, 2017 between the Self-Government of the Opolskie Voivodeship (represented by the Marshal of Opolskie Voivodeship and the Deputy of Marshal of the Opolskie Voivodeship) and the University of Opole (represented by the Rector and Vice-Rector for Management and development) Medical Faculty has been incorporated into the educational structure of University of Opole. The agreement transferred all the obligations of a subsidiary of the medical entity under the management of the University of Opole.

Transfer of PS ZOZ Provincial Medical Center in Opole to the University of Opole has been implemented in the form of a donation agreement - Notarial Deed Repertory A No. 6021/2017 of June 14, 2017.




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