About the Centre [EN]

The University Clinical Trials Support Centre (UCTSC)


  • Comprehensive services including trial planning, management and coordination, legal services and clinical trial billing
  • The UCTSC team also provides educational consulting services for research projects
  • Investigators with large experience in leading clinical trials
  • Specialized Staff : Coordinators, Clinical Trial Assistants, Biostatistictians, Pharmacists, Clinical Laboratory Scientists, Legal Professionals
  • Modern infrastructure:
    • Office space
    • Meeting rooms with audiovisual systems
    • Patient support point
    • Biospecimens collection and processing point
    • Archive
    • Clinical base in Opole with Emergency Ward and Intensive Care Unit
  • Clinical Research Site with many wards and departments, specialized clinics and Primary Health Care Unit on site
  • Experienced Sponsor of clinical trials
  • Member of Polish Clinical Trials Network

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PDFThe University Clinical Trials Support Centre flyer – A (58,06KB)
PDFThe University Clinical Trials Support Centre flyer – B (336,45KB)

Project "University Clinical Trials Support Centre" was selected as part of the competition "Creation and development of Clinical Trials Support Centres".
Project funded by state budget from Medical Research Agency, project number 2021/ABM/04/00001
Co-financing: 8 763 444,54 zł.
Total cost of the project: 8 763 444,54 zł.


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